Polyglot Python with PyCharm

Polyglot Python with PyCharm


This series is a work-in-progress.

If you’re a long-time Python web developer, you are used to web technologies: HTML, CSS, a little JavaScript. But modern frontend web development might seem alien and un-Pythonic.

If so, this series of articles is aimed at you. These frontend ideas are important, but you need a Python guide through the thicket. You also need a tool that can support your Python and frontend development. PyCharm, with the foundation it shares with WebStorm, is uniquely suited for this.

In this series we will introduce ideas and packages in isolation, with hands-on code, screenshots, and more. Each article’s code is in GitHub. You can comment on the articles using Disqus and file bug reportes in the issue tracker.

Introduction to JavaScript Technologies

The frontend world has a dizzying array of choices for each unit of functionality. Let’s go through each piece, showing the minimum and explaining why you should care.

ToDo MVC Tutorial

Based on the topics covered above in isolation, we put it all together and write a ToDo application, with a Flask backend and a modern frontend. Each article builds on the previous article.


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